September 20, 2018


Last Thursday, watching television over morning coffee, the BBC announced that the powers that be had “saved” Greece.  The next morning over coffee I saw that Wall Street responded by surging over 300 points.  Someone asked a trader if he really believed that Greece had been saved and he said no, there was no way for that, but the news provided an opportunity to make money and “The Street pounced.”  Has anybody noticed that business has never been better for global corporations while every single country in the West which hosts these global giants is in dire economic straits? Has anybody noticed or drawn a connection yet between the rise of corporate globalism and the decline and impoverishment of nations and the vast majority of people who live in them?

Over the weekend a sudden and furious Winter storm blanketed the whole Northeast corner of the United States.  Over coffee Sunday morning I watched a young woman who is part of the Occupy Wall Street movement say that they needed blankets and gloves and “anything to keep warm.”  The cold weather, which was supposed to end their movement, has not ended their movement.  Because they have noticed.  And they have noticed that the capturing of the levers of power by this new Corporate Feudalism is so complete that there are no longer any remedies available through the “systems” of democracy as we have historically understood it.  You want “Change”?  You want to change the obviously unfair and corroded by money system?  Go ahead.  Elect Obama.  See what it gets you.  Just try voting against the interests of Goldman Sachs.  You just can’t.  And so…they occupy.  They are not for this bill or that bill, or this demand or that remedy, or this candidate or that candidate.  They are seeking nothing less than a complete reversal of the corporate coup d’état that has allowed the new “masters” to “occupy” us serfs.

Historically, whenever there was a breakdown of capitalism, liberal democratic institutions and processes would intervene to act as a kind of “safety valve” to preserve the system by modifying the excesses and correcting the blatant imbalances (think of FDR preserving capitalism with a bit of state-sponsored compassion for the elderly and the downtrodden during the Great Depression).  But now, with the rise of globalism and even greater power concentrated by even fewer “players” than ever before, democracy has been trumped by the supreme expression of that power – money.  Lots and lots of money.  Money on the scale of being almost unimaginable.  Money and concomitant power on the scale of making and shaping sovereign states.  Enough money to provide immunity from popular restriction.  Enough money, in fact, to foolishly destroy the liberal democratic institutions and processes that could act as a safety valve against the destruction of the system.

And that, folks, is what we are seeing in the Occupation of Wall Street as it plays out throughout the world.  This is not about adjusting, correcting, amending or fixing the system.  This is about dismantling it.  And it’s going to get messy.  As Blake tells us:  we are all victims of our own devise.  And the people controlling the levers of power got so drunk by that power that they are now in the process of blowing it all up.  So set your controls for the heart of the Sun because it is going to get very hot and very blinding.  Very soon.  I hope.

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