September 19, 2018

New-comers To Open The Bon Jovi Concert

A release remitted by the organizers of the Bon Jovi concert says that the opening act of the event will be offered by a new-coming rock band, which will be selected, following a competition organized by Rock FM. The name of the competition is “Wanted: Demo & Live”. New-coming bands hoping for the big break will be given the chance to perform as an opening act for one of the world’s most celebrated rock bands: Bon Jovi. Bands wishing to enter the competition should upload three songs in audio format a link to a recording of a live performance, on the website, between June 27 and July 3. The finalists will be selected based on the website users’ vote (50 pc) and on the vote of a jury made up of Rock FM’s DJs and representatives of D&D East Entertainment, the organizers of the Bon Jovi concert in Romania. The three bands to enter the finals will be announced on July 4. The winner will be designated on July 6, following a live performance in front of the jury and audience, at the Hard Rock Café in Bucharest.

Source of the news: Nine o’clock (Read More)

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