September 25, 2018

Nearly 46 % of Romanians cast their ballots

According to preliminary results presented by the Central Electoral Bureau, at the end of the voting process 45.92 % of the Romanians on the electoral lists cast their votes during the referendum for the impeachment of president Traian Basescu. The error margin is 3 %. However, the threshold that needs to be attained to impeach the president is of more than 50 % of the people on the electoral lists. If preliminary results are confirmed, the referendum will be invalid and Traian Basescu will remain in office. On the other hand, representatives of the Social- Liberal Union claim that the final results will show a vote attendance of 52 %, based on the organization’s own count. According to BEC, the presence at the vote in the urban environment was 41.76 % while in rural areas was 51.61 %.

Source: Business-Review (read more)

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