September 19, 2018

My Obama Problem

Okay, let’s be clear from the outset: I love Obama, am just crazy about the guy. I sincerely believe he already has been the best president of my lifetime (and genuinely believe he will be truly transformative in his second term). Plus, of course, there is no doubt he has been the “coolest” president ever. My “problem” with him is that he is just too damn nice. Now, I know, he was elected on the promise of “bringing us together,” but jeeze! hasn’t he been able to size up the republicans already for the non-compromising bistards they have proved to be over, and over, and over again? Can’t he get just a little bit tougher now that he sees how their sole objective is to make sure he is a one term president no matter how much it hurts the country?

Here’s the latest evidence of both how nice he is and how assholey they are. There is a Tea Party-backed Senator – Mike Lee who represents the yahoos of Utah – who has vowed to block every nomination Obama puts forward no matter what job he is nominated for or who or how capable the nominee is. He’s not even going to listen, he is just going to vote “no.” In other words, here is one guy who can hold up everything in the Senate just because the Founding Fathers, when writing the Constitution, could never imagine that their countrymen would ever be capable of putting an asshole of this magnitude into the august chambers of the Senate.

Now, every week, Obama gives a radio address to the nation where he sort of sums up what is going on in the government. It is a perfect vehicle for him to dump on this guy and let the country know that there is one person who is wasting the time and resources of the whole government just because he has a hard-on for the President. So does he do this? Well, kind of. He tells us there is “one Senator” who is doing this, is what Obama does. But I want him to name names! I want him to kick some ass! I want him to get tougher! But, instead, he’s too nice. Instead, he does this:

Double Bonus Time:

Now, earlier in this blog, I contended that Obama was the coolest of any president ever. I realize that when it comes to “cool,” it is a matter of opinion and how cool is defined. There are those who would put forward Roosevelt or Kennedy for an array of reasons and rationales. Therefore, in my defense, I offer the following.

A couple of weeks ago President Obama was addressing the National Conference Of Ministers And Pastors when he learned that the Reverend Al Green was in the audience (yes! THAT Al Green and yes he really, actually is a minister). Now, ladies and gentlemen, I ask you, could FDR or JFK do this?:

And now, for sake of fidelity, comparison and to deliver the second part of the promised double bonus, Reverend, the floor is yours:

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  1. Roland says:

    Agreed, Republicans are utter slimeballs and creeps, but I don’t think its in Obama’s character to dignify their actions with similar tactics.

    Agreed, he’s the coolest president. No president has been as open, as self-effacing and animated.

    The Republicans will be steamrolled in November, no matter who wins their tawdry ballot.

  2. m says:

    Super cool, I may say.

    The President Obama was great while he was singing.
    There is only a small problem,not only in USA but also far away from, related with unemployment and with difficulties in absorbing the unused labour forces. From a blue print until the effects are seen it is a long way, maybe longer than an mandate…

    Mass-media could not and would never bring on plates the food for families and this is true all over the world.Well, may be you will be interesting in coming back to this issue.Excuse me please, if I was too hard with you..

  3. Matt B says:


    I respectfully have to disagree on your view of President Obama. I don’t believe he has been a good President for the country and has only made things worse. I sincerely hope the Republicans take control of both Houses of Congress and the Presidency.

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