September 19, 2018

Mugur Isarescu, BNR: Banks’ profitability improved last five months

BNR Governor Mugur Isarescu said at a meeting with Romanian Banks Association (ARB) bankers that inflation has followed an uneven descending trend, most volatility coming from non-core components. “We hope to return to the target-interval in the second half of 2013. Economic growth will decelerate thanks to industry, especially the export-oriented (automotive) one. Public debt is still a lot below the Maastricht criterion. Financial intermediation is back to 2008 levels, with genuinely negative rates of annual growth of credit stock to companies and population”, the central bank head also noted. Isarescu added that we have a notable decrease of consumer credit denominated in foreign currencies and the peak of the rate of bad loans is about to be reached. “The banking system continues to be liquid and well capitalised. Banks’ profitability has significantly improved in the last months”.
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