July 20, 2018

Martisor in Bucharest

Traditional, recession, vintage or surrealist, they are “Martisor” (March charm) gifts. They are made of clay, textiles, wood, paper or even cookie dough, they represent March gifts for all tastes and purses, and are on offer these days at the several fairs taking place in Bucharest to mark a traditional Balkan spring ritual. The gifts on offer at the Geology Museum include strings of rubies and quartz, rough and polished crystals, jewelry and decorative objects carved out of semi-precious stones. Ladies will have free entrance. The Martisor Fair at the National Children’s Palace is already on its fourth edition and the Dalles Hall awaits us at the “Festivalul Primaverii” Martisor Fair, running until March 8. The Dalles Fair will include floral arrangement and ceramic painting workshops, as well as a raffle in which visitors can win surprise prizes. The Boyard’s Fair at the Romanian Peasant’s Museum awaits visitors with flowers and March charms, handmade gifts, jewelry and much more. On Saturday and Sunday, the organizers have in store a surprise for children: the “Lupeto” theatre company will perform the play “Bedtime Stories”. The public’s entrance is free. The Sutu Palace hosts in turn, March 3 to 4, 10am to 6pm, the “I Love Handmade” fair, while the Sun Plaza Shopping Center hosts, until March 11, the “Gifts for Women, Paid by Men” fair.

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