September 18, 2018

Managers expect 19 % growth in construction sector

Data released on Wednesday by the National Statistics Institute (INS) shows that the three-month projections by managers in the manufacturing industry see the production volume rising (short term balance +17 %) and the construction sector advance 19 %. According to the opinions expressed in March 2012 by surveyed company managers, a growth trend takes shape over the period March – May 2012 for the manufacturing industry and the sector of construction, while retail trade and services will witness moderate growth compared to the previous three months, as per the short-term balance indicator. The managers in the manufacturing sector polled under the short-term survey conducted in March 2012 forecast an increase in the output volume (short term balance +17 %). A steep upward trend is expected for the tobacco industry production (short term balance +49 %). Industrial prices are expected to see a moderate growth (short term balance +10 %).

Source: AgerPres (read more)

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