September 23, 2018

Kinofest in Bucharest this weekend

The Kinofest International Digital Film Festival is at its fifth edition this year and takes place in Bucharest on October 28 to 30. The three venues hosting the screenings are Union Cinema, the Cultural Centre of the Republic of Hungary and the Garage Hall. They will screen over 300 of the most interesting creations of the genre from across the world. Innovative techniques and means of expression, a variety of ideas and non-conformist messages will be deployed in a battle against old-fashioned ideas and clichés still lingering in the film world. The techniques and genres approached are highly varied from animations to mixed techniques, fiction features, commercials, comedy, drama, horror movies, narrative or abstract productions. The alliance includes over 30 countries from five continents, where the top positions – in terms of films selected – are claimed by Spain, Germany, Taiwan, France and Brazil. Most of the shorts selected will be presented for the first time in Romania. The festival also includes a digital graphic exhibition at the Cultural Centre of the Republic of Hungary and the TunesInnaOurHeads concert on Friday night at the Garage Hall. A selection of works by 14 artists will be on display in the Kinofest virtual digital art gallery. Tickets are available in the Diverta network and online on

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What has always intrigued me about this study is specifically what the teachers did to communicate that they believed a certain set of students had unusual potential for academic growth

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