September 20, 2018

June concerts in Bucharest

Famous international artists Patricia Kaas, Steve Vai and Uriah Heep, and Romanian counterparts including Cristi Minculescu, Nutu Olteanu and the band Taxi, will offer in June some of the most awaited concerts of the year. Cristi Minculescu and Nutu Olteanu will play at Club Route 66, alongside Swedish musicians Anders Diephuis and Ken Sundberg, a set including “anthological songs from the Iris songs collection and two new compositions,”, as well as a few “homage covers”. Taxi performs at Arenele Romane on June 6, their first major outdoor concert. Faimous British band Uriah Heep returns to Bucharest, also at Arenele Romane, June 11, with a grand concert, set to prove once again that rock is an ageless genre and vow to offer their Romanian fans an unforgettable show. Fans also hardly wait to see Patricia Kaas perform in Bucharest, Palace Hall, June 23, an Edit Piaf Tribute Concert part of the singer’s tour behind her latest release – “Kaas Chante Piaf”, which was launched on Nov 5 of last year to commemorate 50 years since the death of the great Edith Piaf. Patricia Kaas is back to Romania four years after she came to Bucharest to promote her “Kabaret” album in 2009. Legendary guitarist Steve Vai & Evolution Tempo Orchestra returns to Romania for another exquisite concert at Arenele Romane, on June 25. The concert will be held part of the 1st “Eco Fest” Festival. Publika and Cvartet Hypnotique will be the opening acts. Steve Vai has recently come to Romania to rehearse alongside the Evolution Tempo Orchestra and his guest musicians. At a press conference held at the time, the guitarist extraordinaire answered questions about his love for music, today’s artists, and, not least, Romania, a country he holds special. The June 30 Palace Hall concert by Canadian jazz pianist and singer Diana Krall will wrap up next month’s concert series. She is promoting her most recent album – “Glad Rag Doll”.

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