September 21, 2018

Joint Declaration of Foreign Ministers from Danube riparian countries

Titus Corlatean, the head of Romanian diplomacy, presented the Joint Declaration of the Foreign Ministers from the Danube riparian countries, according to a press release remitted to AGERPRES. Titus Corlatean presided the meeting of the foreign ministers of the countries participating in the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, an event organized on the sidelines of EUSDR Forum , held on Monday and Tuesday in Bucharest. At the meeting, discussions and consultations were aimed at regional cooperation and importance of the territorial dimension in the new cohesion policy of the Union, strengthening of the national governance structures of the Danube Strategy at its executive — sectoral levels, coordination of the national efforts to adapt the macro-regional approach to an enlarged Europe reality, as well as capitalization on the transnational cooperation mechanisms to support the non-member states participant in the Strategy in their efforts to fulfilling the aspirations of European integration, MAE details.

Source: Agerpres (read more)

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