September 24, 2018

I Am Asking You To Vote On This III

(Note To Regular Readers:  I would like to know if you prefer this abbreviated style of writing to what, customarily, appears in this blog.  I would appreciate it if you would log your opinion in the Comment section, below.  Thank you.  MK)


From the window of my small home office, while having a smoke, I looked down one afternoon to see a young couple making their way down the small street below.  At one point he jumped up and balanced himself on the thin edge of a neighbor’s low slender fence and, hands out, did a kind of little jig, to the girl’s obvious delight, before pirouetting backwards back onto the sidewalk.  Amazing.  It brought distant memories and the clear, sharp  certainty that that boy has no idea how lucky he is for such an obvious and natural thing.  Much later, but also in public, I attempted a less challenging physical maneuver to impress the love of my life with predictable results.

The Point:

The gradual, growing, gnawing, ambiguous tug and tease of trying to remember a name or face or place is secondary, and less dramatic, than the sudden, shocking, realization that muscles have memories too.  Only they fade more quickly.

I recommend these steps to meet beginning teacher needs 1


  1. martin says:

    my two cents on the proposal for change in style:

    I love the unstructured rant, reminiscing, opinion and recommendations that I have become used to here – but probably won’t unsubscribe if the style changes…

    ..with great writing, the “point” is most often not the most important thing, it is the “getting there” which allows a reader to gain more through the journey…maybe there’s already enough pithy writing on the internet geared to SEO and short attention spans…do we need more when there are (a few) writers who can offer more? especially in our small market/audience

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