September 22, 2018

Havasi – Symphonic Red Concert Show In Bucharest

Havasi is the world’s fastest piano player. He will come to Bucharest for the first time this fall, for a grandiose show. The Symphonic Red Concert Show will bring together on stage more than 100 artists from everywhere in the world. The event is organized by Amphitrion and will be held at Bucharest’s Palace Hall on November 15. The show has been designed by Havasi himself and will bring together over 50 instrumentalists, an impressive choir accompanied by Japanese drummers, exotic instruments, 15 exceptional soloists and the artistry of the world’s fastest piano player. Tickets are available in Diverta stores, Muzica store, Mihai Eminescu Bookstore, Palace Hall and online, on Prices are ranging between 100 and 300 lei.

Source of the news: Bucharest Herald (Read More)

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