September 22, 2018

Half Romanian NBFI clients expect improvement in their financial situation in 2013

An online Yougov survey carried out for Provident Financial Romania, a consumer finance provider, shows that more than half of Romanians that are clients of non-bank financial institutions (NBFI) expect their financial situation to improve in 2013, while close to half fear the domestic economy may worsen next year. The survey had 2,164 respondents and further states that 65 % of the NBFI customers have taken a more cautious approach on daily expenditure compared to last year. A similar number of Romanians said they haven’t saved any money and 73 % cancelled or delayed major investments in the next period. Around 70 % of those that can save money take out short term loans with small value, while 30 % opt for credit cards. The loans have an average value of RON 5,000 (EUR 1116). Provident, part of the British group International Personal Finance (IPF), registered a gross profit of GBP 4.1 million last year.

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