September 26, 2018

Government rectifies 2012 budget

On Thursday, PM Victor Ponta approved the modification of the budget deficit from 1.9 to 2.25 % of the GDP, against the background of an increase of incomes to the general consolidated budget by RON 0.62 bln, and of expenses by RON 3.069 bln against the initially programme. The budget rectification was agreed with the International Monetary Fund and, according to the Fiscal Council, the new targets are in line with the provisions of Law 291/2011 on approving caps for certain indicators specified by the fiscal-budgetary strategy. Ponta said Thursday that the draft budget rectification started from a wrongly conceived and unjust budget, even “criminal” towards disabled people, but the Ministry of Public Finance (MFP) is able to maintain the budget stability, although it will be blamed by all ministers. He added that the government can only make the corrections required by restoring salaries, refunding the sums illegally withheld from pensioners and financing the local authorities that were “intentionally pushed to bankruptcy because they were not answering political commands.” The budget rectification operated yesterday had as priority elements allotting the money necessary for the payments in view of restoring the salaries of state employees, refunding the money illegally withheld from pensioners and paying the wages of the personal nurses of disabled people.

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