September 21, 2018

Government grant for micro hydropower plant construction

Daniel Chitoiu, the Minister of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment, signed yesterday two non-reimbursable financing contracts for the construction of a micro hydropower plant in the Arges County and a cogeneration plant for Prefab SA. Both projects are worth RON 150 M in total. The beneficiary of the first project is Construct ECI Company 2000. The project, submitted in 2010, amounts to a total value of RON 125.8 M, of which the maximum sum eligible for non-reimbursable financing provided from public money is RON 52.56 M (60 % of the total eligible value of the project). The micro hydropower plant will have a nominal power of 5.1 MW and will provide electricity to some 23,000 end users.

Source: Nine o’clock (read more)

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