September 20, 2018

Gheorghe Ialomitianu declares: MFP assesses investment projects worth 356 million euros

Minister of Finance Gheorghe Ialomitianu declared on Thursday that the Ministry of Public Finance (MFP) are assessing at the moment 20 investment projects worth 356 million euros, with the Government aid requested amounting to 129 million euros. The MFP official said that a number of 2,806 jobs will be created by these projects. “The Romanian Government grants aid to the investments leading to new jobs, an aid most welcomed by the business milieu. There have been 10 financing agreements signed in 2011 for investments worth about 171 million euros, 64 million representing a Government aid, leading to the creation of 1,091 new jobs,” Ialomitianu said.

Source: AgerPres (read more)

Such massive demand also dictates that the most sought after jobs are those from the stem field science, technology, engineering, and mathematics

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