September 21, 2018

Fresh farming products now available to all people living in Romanian cities

Thanks to the Association for the Support of Traditional Agriculture (ASAT), people living in urban areas in Romania and who are interested in healthy food may conclude partnerships with the farmers who need financial support and a targeted distribution market. Mihaela Vetan, the president of ASAT, declared for Radio Romania International (RRI): “The Association partnerships were first presented to the public in Timisoara, in 2007, by Denise Vuillon, one of the initiators of the system in France. During the presentation, the organizers drew attention to the fact that at European level, small-scale agriculture was in jeopardy, because farmers were facing more difficulties and they hardly resisted the competition of intensive agriculture, supermarket chains and imports. In this context, Denise Vuillon referred to an initiative she developed in France in 2001, namely creating groups made up of consumers who decide to support small local producers, farmers in their proximity, whose natural products should be delivered once a week.”   The system is functioning in Romania too, but not in an organized way and with the firm commitment of both farmers and consumer. Marin Paraschiv, one of the 11 producers who provide vegetables to 350 families across the country, has heard about this type of partnership from his children and he now has 15 subscribers.

Source: Radio Romania International (read more)

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