September 21, 2018

Fashion Giants And Successful Stores

Over the past two years, discount international apparel retailers have expanded more and more despite the shrinking shopping budgets. In the end, 17 of the largest store networks at European level have come to operate 175 stores in Romania. They are European leaders in terms of apparel sales. Companies such as Inditex, C&A or Marks & Spencer have joint annual turnovers of over 50bn euros and networks of around 18,000 stores.
Klaus Reisenauer, a shareholder in Oasis real estate developer, which builds shopping projects for clients such as C&A and Takko explaines that “Romania’s consumer market reached the level of countries such as Hungary or the Czech Republic, whose population is half that of Romania. Retailers’ strategy is to enter now, ‘plant the seed’ and grow with the market, which should double in ten years”.

Source of the news: Ziarul Financiar

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