September 21, 2018

Exhibition with oldest cave paintings in Central Europe

The Paleolithic cave paintings unearthed in Coliboaia Cave, the oldest in Central Europe, along with the history of their discovery, were displayed for the first time in an exhibition held by the “Cris Rivers’ Country Museum” and Aven d’Orgnac Grand Site de France, partnering the French Embassy to Romania. According to museum director Aurel Chiriac, the exhibition tops a running French-Romanian scientific cooperation project between the two museum institutions, a project aiming to research and capitalize on the Coliboaia Cave in Bihor County where cave paintings were discovered. The paintings are date 31,640 years after the radiometric dating using the radioisotope carbon C-14, in a specialized laboratory in France. Director Chiriac declared that “The paintings are the oldest in Central Europe and rank at the same level in terms of value and importance for the history of humanity as the Cheveau Cave in France, a cave which is also renowned for its age”. The exhibition is to be presented in more cities of Romania and abroad and tries to present in a scientific exhaustive manner the context the cave was discovered, images from the gallery of cave paintings, but also the cultural area of Beius where the cave can be found.

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