September 26, 2018

essay about earth

Health and Environmental Effects

Climate change is also known to affect people, plants, and animals. The latest estimations revealed by the scientists show that there are many ways to understand future climate change. The overall effect is known to vary by region and over time. Scientists are known to observe some of the frequently recurring climate changes. The observed effects include sea level rise, shrinking glaciers, changes in the range and distribution of plants and animals, trees blooming earlier, lengthening of growing seasons, ice on rivers and lakes freezing later and breaking up earlier, and thawing of permafrost. The other important issue pertains to the issue of the Earth’s environment. When properly tackled, this can help people to adapt themselves to present climate changes.

In the United States, scientists show the tendency to hold to the belief that most areas will to continue to warm. However, the research proves that some of the areas have the tendency to get warmer more than others. In general, the whole thing remains difficult to predict. Under such circumstances, the parts of the country tend to become wetter or drier. The other prediction made by the scientists is the increase in precipitation and evaporation. The other important expectation that are to happen is drier soil. The situation is typical for the middle parts of the country. Just the same can be told about Northern regions of the country. Alaska is just the case. According to the latest estimations, Alaska region is expected to experience the most warming

In fact, Alaska has been experiencing significant changes in climate. The tendency was evident during the recent years. It was the time when the country was mostly affected by the global climate change.

Human health is a thing that can be affected directly and indirectly by climate change. A whole thing is being realized through extreme periods of heat and cold, storms, and climate-sensitive diseases. These include such diseases as malaria, and smog episodes.

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