September 21, 2018

Energy price should receive special attention to avoid industry relocation – Economy Minister

According to the Economy Ministry in a release, Romanian Economy Minister Andrei Gerea said at the European Union Competitiveness Council meeting in Brussels that it is very important to avoid the relocation of the production facilities in various industrial sectors and, therefore, special attention should be paid to the energy price. Gerea stressed the Competitiveness Council should take upon itself a major role in order to boost the European competitiveness agenda and he underscored that some fields, particularly those having high potential for growth and the creation of jobs need enhanced attention, the more so at this phase of recovery. It is notably about such sectors as services, transport, energy and digital economy, he added. The Romanian official pointed out that equally important is the close monitoring of the results of research-innovation, both in view of the use of resources and of the manner that the results of such activities are actually implemented.
Source: Actmedia (read more)

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