September 19, 2018

eMag and Pcfun: 2011 – The Year Of PC Tablets

Almost 20,000 Romanians have an e-reader and a tablet PC.  Over the next few years, the market will explode along with the development of the content offer (books, applications) and of mobile Internet networks. Local companies Allview and Evolio say their products do not meet the standards of the Apple tablet, but will become, thanks to the price/performance ratio “an iPad that can truly be bought by every Romanian”.

The investment in launching the products has amounted to several tens of thousands of euros. The working method is similar to the one used by industry giants: research and development done locally, production done in China.

Starting with the second part of this year, eReader and tablet PC sales will see a strong increase in Romania, once tens of other products will enter the market, and a demand peak most likely to be recorded in December.

Source of the news: Ziarul Financiar

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