September 26, 2018

Eldorado Gold receives a new environmental permit

On Tuesday, Canada-based Eldorado Gold was granted a new environmental permit by the Hunedoara Environmental Protection Agency to start gold mining in Certej, western Romania. The controversy regarding the Certej project ignited last year, after the Timisoara Regional Environmental Protection Agency permitted the start of cyanide-based mining in Certej. Deva Gold, the company owned by Eldorado Gold, was strapped of its permit later that year after the Ministry of Environment said it had not been consulted on the decision. The Hunedoara-based agency issued the new permit after a one-day evaluation of the public contestations regarding the Certej project. Representatives at Mining Watch Romania said they would challenge in court the new permit. According to government figures, the gold deposit in Certej amounts to 120 tons.

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In dieser zeit erschien auch sein berühmtes werk systema naturae , in dem er eine bestandsaufnahme des mineral-, pflanzen- und tierreichs der erde vornahm

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