September 20, 2018

Dell’s profits went down 18%

On Tuesday night Dell’s shares slid by more than 4% after the company announced that second-quarter profits went down 18%, revenues down 7.5% and warned of a challenging second half to the year, for which it has slashed its earnings outlook, writes the Guardian. A slump in PC sales hurt profits, and only the servers and network division saw revenues rise. Now Dell is pinning its hopes in the PC market on its favored position as a tablet supplier in the first wave of Windows 8 products to be released this October. In order to shore up margins and generate revenue growth, Dell is trying to expand further into enterprise computing, where it then goes up against HP, which has an edge in services. On Tuesday, it announced that it had hired ex-HP networking chief Marius Haas to head up its enterprise solutions division and to help hasten its push into global services.

Source: Bucharest Herald (read more)

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