July 23, 2018

Definitions of the words “Roma” and “Gypsy,” modified in the DEX

Marius Sala, director of the Romanian Academy’s Linguistics Institute, stated for Mediafax that early this year a new Romanian language dictionary has been published. In it, several changes negotiated with the representatives of the Roma community were made. He did not point out what the changes actually consist of. Nevertheless, the ‘Impreuna’ Community Development Agency states that the new dictionary changes the definitions of 30 words that directly or indirectly refer to Roma ethnics.  “The Linguistics Institute has eliminated or has clearly explained the discriminatory or tendentious definitions that were promoting negative stereotypes about the Roma minority,” the Agency’s communiqué reads. Thus, the new definition of the “Roma” substantive is the following: “term through which the members of an ethnic group originating from India and being found particularly in Southern and South-East Europe identify themselves, replacing the name Gypsy which is considered pejorative.” In 2011 several NGOs asked the Romanian Academy’s Linguistics Institute to be sanctioned and for the definition to be changed.

Source: Nine o’clock (read more)

I need to check whether I am praising students for their good pro-academic-writers.com/ character, which is just as important


  1. This is good news. An unusual outbreak of common sense. What’s wrong with letting an ethnic group decide how to call themselves?

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