September 20, 2018

Constantin Brancusi international anniversary @ Cinema Scala

On Feb 19, the Romania Film Bucharest Autonomous State Owned Company of Film Distribution and Exploitation (RADEF) Romania film and “Constantin Brancusi” International Society Canada is organizing an international event at Cinema Scala in Bucharest dedicated to the 137th birth anniversary of great Romanian artist Constantin Brancusi. According to a press release, Laurian Stanchescu, the Society’s president, said that the “event aims to be a meeting with the Brancusi universe which made Romania into a cardinal point among the great world cultures among the great world cultures”. The program original contains evocations and testimonies about the life and work of the great Romanian artist, including documentary projections and excerpts, as well as a photography exhibition following Laurian Stanchescu’s walking journey from Hobita, the birthplace of the sculptor, to Paris, following Constantin Brancusi’s trail.

Source: Nine o’clock (read more)

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