September 24, 2018

Cohesion policy endangered

According to Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Leonard Orban yesterday, “tough negotiations” are taking place between EU states, because net contributor countries want the budget to be reduced, thus endangering the cohesion policy. “During the last meeting of the General Affairs Council two camps took shape: the member states that are in favor of important allotments not only at the level of the entire budget, but also at the level of the cohesion policy, and the net contributor states that want a reduction by at least EUR 100 bln against what the European Commission has proposed, which is EUR 1,025 bln,” Orban explained. On the other hand, he appreciated that during 2007-2013 it would be “logical” for Romania to benefit from more funds. The Minister of European Affairs added that the suspension of the Operational Programme for Fisheries, which has a total of EUR 320 M, might be lifted these days, until the beginning of May. He added that, two weeks from now, he will propose the Government to adopt a memorandum with measures aimed at removing the bureaucratic procedures related to accessing European funds by beneficiaries.

Source: Nine o’clock (read more)

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