July 23, 2018

Business and Politics Cocktail

Romanian politics is largely funded by politicians and people who want something from them and are willing to pay.

In the last two years, a heavy-equipment repair firm in southwestern Romania, UMR SA Rovinari, has won more than 60 public contracts. Some of the contracts were won no-bid and are worth more than 15 million euros combined. In 2009, the Democratic Liberal Party received from the company the sum of 75,000 euros.

An urban and architectural design and engineering firm in southern Romania, Modul Proiect, was more generous. In 2008 it gave about 150,000 euros to the Social Democratic Party, marking it as a frequent winner of public contracts.

The Cardinal Motors car dealership in Constanta is the company who won several public contracts to provide vehicles or car repair services to various public institutions. They gave about 35,000 euros in 2008 to the National Liberal Party, when it was the ruling party.

Source of the news: Tol.org

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