September 18, 2018

Budget for energy efficiency projects in 2014-2020

Marcel Bolos, secretary of state within the Regional Development and Tourism Ministry (MDRT), the ministry that manages the Regional Operational Programme, stated that the budget for energy efficiency projects will stand at 10 % of the value of structural funds and could reach EUR 2 bln in 2014-2020 depending on how the negotiations with the European Commission go. The energy efficiency axis for the current period of funding stands at EUR 400 M and consists of the thermal rehabilitation of apartment buildings (EUR 300 M) and hospitals. The MDRT representative stated that five special committees of negotiation with the European Commission have been thought-out. The committees will focus on urban development, business environment, energy efficiency, road and public transportation infrastructure and underdeveloped communities. Likewise, Marcel Botos added that he wants to launch, for the first time, a double funding scheme that would offer to local authorities the funds for public utilities infrastructure, while the companies that will invest in those areas would obtain state aid of up to EUR 350,000 in equipment value.

Source: Nine o’clock (read more)

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