September 20, 2018

Bucharest house prices went down by as much as 57 % since 2008

Data released by local property website reads that house prices have dropped all across Romania since 2008, with the highest decline reported in capital Bucharest. Newly built one-bedroom apartments reported a 57 % price drop between March 2008 and September 2013, followed by one-bedroom apartments on the secondary market (mostly properties built before 1990) where the drop amounted to 55 %. Over the same time period, the average price of Bucharest studio flats was down by 56 % for newly built units and 55 % on the secondary market. The lowest drop was recorded by two-bedroom apartments, though here too prices dropped by more than half between March 2008 and September 2013 – 52 % for new units and 53 % on the secondary market.

Source: Business-Review (read more)

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