September 19, 2018

Bosch to open own Jucu plant

German auto part manufacturer Bosch will open a work unit at Jucu, where it will inject EUR 60 M. Bosch has a global turnover figure in excess of 47.3 bln euro and a workforce of nearly 283,500. Italian home appliance manufacturer De’Longhi has already announced plans to open a work facility at Jucu, making Bosch the second company to launch an investment on the premises of the industrial park Tetarom III, with nearly 2000 jobs to be created in the process. According to official sources, the Bosch investment in the manufacturing of electronic components for automotives could exceed EUR 60 M. In its turn, Italy’s home appliance manufacturer De’Longhi will pour EUR 30 M in a home appliance factory at Jucu, on the premises of the former Nokia plant, where it will create 600 to 1000 jobs. The investments by the two companies may help bringing the local labor market into balance after Nokia’s departure.

Source: Nine o’clock (read more)

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