September 25, 2018

BNR and the Japanese yen

In 2011, the National Bank of Romania (BNR) abandoned the investments in T-bills with discount issued by the US Treasury, preferring the coupon bonds that bring a fixed interest, according to a report issued by the Bank’s auditor, published by the Official Gazette in its issue 2805/30.07.2012. The institution led by Mugur Isarescu prefers the discount bonds issued by Japan, in which it invested over EUR 1 bln last year. The incomes generated by exchange rate differences halved (from over RON 2 bln in 2010 to RON 1.2 bln in 2011). At the end of last year, the term deposits with international institutions included the deposit made in a financial institution outside the European Union, worth RON 6.582 bln (EUR 1.5 bln) and GBP 20 M (on 31 December 2010 there were EUR 3.63 bln, USD 365 M and JPY 150 bln).

Source: Nine o’clock (read more)

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