September 22, 2018

Big retailers brands are becoming a growing presence in Romania

Romanians are becoming more aware on spending, so they are giving up their favorite brands in favor the private labels of the big supermarket chains. Despite being rolled out on the market for those on a low income, the leveling effect of the economy made them extremely popular. The growing supply and sales of the private label products is forcing the rest of the producers to reduce prices of their products, thus risking losing market share and contracts with big retailers. How can the producers of well-known brands face the competition with big retailers and avoid a price and promotion war such as pay two get one free (2+1 gratis)? The answer lays in winning the online battle and making the customers of famous brands loyal. This online battle means personalized and permanent interaction with the brand’s customer through mobile applications. In Romania, the number of mobile phones in use exceeds that of the population. Again, the main target of these producers has to be the customer, with the intent of earning his or her loyalty by increasing his or her satisfaction, through product offering, personalized offers and relevant offers in real time. poker 888

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