September 20, 2018

Arcon, on the rise in 2012

Arcon, one of the most important companies specialized in the manufacture of building materials and hydro insulation, registered a business figure of 31.5 million euro in 2012, on the rise by 15% against 2011. Bituminous membranes had a volume increase of 17% while sales of expanded polystyrene grew by 9%, a company press release shows.“In 2013 Arcon will be closer to Bucharest building sites and its markets in Southern Europe and the company counts on a business increase”. Arcon exports to Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Cyprus, Malta and Arab countries, at 3.6 million euro in 2012. The company completed the purchase of companies Corina Gealan and Amvic from businessman Marin Crutescu. Amvic is the producer and distributor of insulating material and Corina Gealan makes PVC frames.

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