September 19, 2018

An unexpected success in India: 24,000 Dacia Dusters sold in 6 months

Renault’s Duster is the ideal solution for the Indian middle class. The car is big enough, safe and cheap to propel sales of the French group which is getting close to competitor Volkswagen on the third largest car market in Asia, Bloomberg informs. Renault has sold about 24,000 Duster cars since the launch of the SUV in the Indian market in July 2012, while the rest of French models recorded sales of less than 4,000 units in the first 9 months of the financial year to close down in March. The higher demand for SUV in India, the hatchback aspect of Duster and the price available to a rising middle class helped Renault get closer to Volkswagen on one of the markets with the highest increase potential in the world.

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