September 19, 2018

A trip down memory lane

We’ve started publishing this newsletter in 1999. It was designed to be a simple, efficient way to keep abreast with the news of the day in a time when the internet was a ‘new thing’ to Romania.  I do not know if you remember, but back then companies didn’t all have official email addresses or websites. I remember that many executives would still get newspapers clippings from their assistants with the main news of the day.  We put it together into an email and sent it to a handful of friends.  They forwarded it to their friends and soon after I started receiving requests for people to be put on ‘the list’.  Since then things have changed tremendously in the way we receive our daily news, but I find myself still in search for the best way to filter the news I’m interested in. 

 To mark this 13 years anniversary, I’ve invited a few friends to share with us their very personal thoughts on life, business, books, wine and travelling in an attempt to bring some more color to our daily reading. 

If you would like to share your thoughts with us as well, please drop me a comment here or send me an email at

Pleasant reading.

Daniela  Fugaru Kammrath Establishing the foundation of exactly why the description is being written is extremely important in his post is here focusing the writing

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