September 20, 2018

An 8% Salary Raise By Austrian And German Companies In 2011

The results of a survey conducted by Austrian executive search company Kienbaum in April-August 2010 show that over 1,000 German and Austrian-held companies present on the Romanian market said they would increase salaries by an average 7.9% in 2011.

Research shows that Romanian employers intend to boost salaries by 2.7 to 3% this year. At the end of 2010 there were more than 17,000 German-held firms and 5,800 Austrian-held firms In Romania.

Loreda Dragomir, country manager for Romania and Bulgaria of Kienbaum, declared that this year ”the basic salary will increase by an average 2.7-3%, below inflation, with employers planning to operate other increases to the fluctuating salary, based on performance”.

Source of the news: Ziarul Financiar

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