September 21, 2018

5th “Life is Beautiful” International Festival in Bucharest

“Life is Beautiful” Musical Performing Arts International Festival will take place in Bucharest between Nov 8 and 18. The event will include, among others, artist Dulce Pontes and musical trio The Tiger Lillies, according to the “Ion Dacian” National Operetta Theater Bucharest, the event’s organizer, which announced that the 11-day festival will bring to the Bucharest audience operetta or musical galas, fado concerts (Dulce Pontes) and Berlin cabaret performances (The Tiger Lillies), doinas (Romanian folk song) and old Balkan and Persian music (Grigore Lese and his guests), ragtime (Old Fish Jazz Band), a cappella (Muttis Kinder), religious music (the Choir of the National Operetta Theater), as well as classical repertoire (Bester Quartet) – in its pure or heterogenic form that borrows from modern genres.

Source: Nine o’clock (read more)

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