September 21, 2018

22 years since the anti-communist revolution in Romania

These days Romania is commemorating 22 years since the anti-communist Revolution in 1989, event which turned around the country’s contemporary history. Unlike the anti-communist revolution in the neighboring countries, in Romania the event was blood-stained, leaving a trail of more than 1,200 dead and 3,400 wounded in its wake. The first sparks of the revolution start on December 16 in Timisoara, when priest Laszlo Tokes is about to be moved to another parish by the authorities, which triggers opposition from members of his parish. These are joined by several hundred other people, turning into a demonstration. Ceausescu orders that the demonstration be suppressed at any cost and the army opens fire on civilians. News about the events spread to other cities such as Arad, Oradea, Cluj, Targu Mures, Sibiu, Brasov, Resita, Caransebes and Cugir, where the population sides with the protesters. News about this also arrives in Bucharest, and the crowds flood the street, opposing the bullets and tanks that came from Ceausescu’s troops. Two things seal the fate of the dictators and turn the tables around to the advantage of the population. One decisive factor is that the army starts to side with the protesters. Also, the revolutionaries take over the national television channel. On December 22, the dictatorial couple flees Bucharest by helicopter.

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