September 19, 2018

…. One For The Other Side Of The Ledger…

Regular readers of this Blog are aware of the fun I poke, sometimes, at the country of my birth.  And it is true that, often, it is almost irresistible to bring you news of the latest political shenanigans or some cracker Republican’s view on evolution, or the latest musing from “The Donald,” because, well, it’s kind of embarrassing and, I guess, it’s better to laugh about these kind of things than cry.

 But, last week, while watching President Obama address both houses of Parliament a curious thing happened.  At first, I was just plain glad that I knew that he wasn’t going to blow it.  That he wouldn’t devolve into some kind of cowboy chuckle, or muff his lines, or go off on some weird crackpot theory (which was the regular MO of his predecessor).  Then, I actually felt happy that this guy was our leader, my leader, the leader of my country.  It made me think that any country that elected this kind of guy can’t, after all, be too bad.  And as Obama concluded his speech, I came to a conclusion, too.  I felt proud.

Nevertheless, despite its complexity, inquiry-based learning can be somehow easier on teachers, too

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