September 18, 2018

“Viennese Christmas Gala” special guest Edvin Marton

In the following two days, the Maria Domina Cultural Association invites us to the “Viennese Christmas Gala” at the Palace Hall. It is a special show including over 100 artists – members of the European Royal Orchestra, a choral group and a ballet ensemble, under the baton of Austrian conductor Gottfried Rabl. The anniversary edition of the “Viennese Christmas Gala” is organized by the Maria Domina Cultural Association and will be graced with the participation of a special guest – Edvin Marton, who promises us a show to remember. The great violinist will “depict”, through sound, the wondrous atmosphere of a typical Viennese feast, in a fascinating combination of refinement, energy and passion. The “Viennese Christmas Gala”, a magical night, on which the artists will delight us with an impressive, closely selected, repertoire, is guaranteed to live up to the highest expectations.

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