September 20, 2018

“Mephistopheles” on ONB stage

On Sunday, February 5, the Bucharest National Opera (ONB) is proud to present once again from 6.30pm, 13 years after the na­tio­nal premiere, the hit production “Me­phistopheles”, directed by Anda Tabacaru Hogea and choreographed by the celebrated dancer Razvan Ma­zi­lu. The ONB’s two choirs, conducted by Stelian Olariu and Vasile Corjos, will al­so be taking part in the production, while Cristina Cotescu is the assistant director. The show is gra­ced with the participation of one of the most beloved artists of the young generation: the conductor Tibe­riu Soa­re. In 1999, “Mephisto­phe­les” was crowned the Show of the Year by the magazine “Actua­li­tatea muzi­ca­la”, edited by the Union of Com­posers and Musicologists in Ro­ma­nia.

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