August 18, 2018

“Improving the performance of public institutions can play a key role in the decision to invest in Romania” – IFC

The Foreign Investors Council (FIC) laid out last week a series of changes in the management of public institutions that it believes could help the country attract foreign investments and create new jobs, during a tough period for European bloc economies. The themes, which were proposed by the Public Institutions’ Management Task Force, address various topics such as the increase of transparency in the lawmaking process and the acceleration in appointing private mangers and independent boards to state-owned enterprises. The FIC argues that Romania should change the legislative framework only if this is necessary to provide the country with enough stability to attract foreign investors.“For foreign companies that invest in Romania the main condition for a sustainable business environment is interaction and transparent collaboration between government and economic players,” said Pascal Prigent, FIC board member and general director of GSK Romania.
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