June 22, 2018

United States Praises Romania For Hosting Eritrean Refugees

Officials from the Us Embassy in Romania said in a press release that they are very pleased to hear that the Emergency Transit Center in Timisoara is hosting an estimated 30 Eritreans coming from a refugee camp in Tunisia near the Libyan border. This is the first group of expected refugees from the region.

Both the Government of Romania and UNHCR deserve immense credit for their generosity and coordination in providing refugees with a safe, comfortable place to stay on Romanian soil pending their onward resettlement to third countries. This latest group to arrive is just one example of how such cooperation can give hope to those in distress.

The United States is one of the primary countries where refugees eventually resettle. To date, 420 refugees out of the 637 that have been temporarily accommodated at the ETC, have been resettled to the U.S., and we greatly appreciate the hard and dedicated work of both UNHCR and the Government of Romania in the important roles they play.

Source of the news: US Embassy In Romania

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