June 22, 2018

Black Sea Cultural Weekend at Vama Veche

The people of Roma, Lippovans, Armenians and Vlachs invite tourists to a “Bath of Culture” at Vama Veche this coming weekend, an event dedicated to cultural diversity.They will cook traditional dishes, craftsmen will make demonstrations, there will be organized crafts sales and photograph exhibitions. Also, there will be projected documentaries about the life of the said communities and several concerts will be performed by, among others, Radu Captari and the Romano ButiQ band, Visitors can buy silver accessories, pots and kettles, copper dishes, cast-iron kettles, wicker baskets leather handbags and bracelets or pocket ashtrays.  Every day at noontime, tourists can watch documentary films about the daily life of those communities, how Roma craftsmen make objects based on techniques learned hundreds of years ago or how Roma children at school or about the lifestyle of the Aromanian (Vlach) community. At 14:00 hours, Roma and Aromanian craftsmen will teach visitor various crafts. Two Roma woodworkers and a female weaver will show visitors how to “mollify” the wood in order to carve it in various forms, a Vlach weaver will make traditional rugs, and an Aromanian weaver will weave wool under visitors’ eyes. Visitors are also invited to have a taste of such gastronomic delights as Hungarian goulash, Lippovan fish borscht, Armenian spinach pie, Roma fish salad and other culinary wonders. Friday and Saturday children will have the opportunity to see a puppet show based on a Roma fairy tale.  The event will take place at the “Cast-Iron Kettle Story” Terrace, 4, Stephen the Great St, Aug 10-12.

Source: Nine o’clock (read more)

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