September 21, 2018

Some 450,000 Romanians Celebrate Their Name On Saints Peter And Paul

According to Interior Ministry statistics, over 450,000 Romanians, 380,000 of which are men, celebrate their name day on Saints Peter and Paul on Wednesday. A press release from the ministry also says that a total of 75,000 women will also mark their name day. Today the two saints are honored by church as heads of the apostles, who contributed to the spread of the Gospel in several parts of the world. Alms are given for the dead. The day is also named “The Holiday of the Wolves” based on the legend saying that Saint Peter, guardian of the gate to heaven, is the one who gives food to wild animals, especially wolves. He also controls hail and is the patron saint of ploughmen.

Source of the news: Bucharest Herald (Read More)

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