September 24, 2018

How Much And Who Gained Anything In The Four Days Since The Fondul Proprietatea Listing

Fondul Proprietatea on the Bourse starting January 25 gave the market a boost and brought significant gains to all participants. From brokerages, to the BSE and CNVM, the 500m RON traded in four days on FP generated around 2.5m RON.

Thus, in the first four days of trading on the Bourse, FP managed to generate a record traded volume of above 500m RON (118m euros). This would have been the level generated by the entire Bourse in the last two months of 2010.

Of the 2.5m RON collected by brokerages, some 810,000 RON (190,000 euros) reached the BSE’s accounts, which, for each 100,000 RON traded on the market levies a fee of 117 RON (0.117%) from each seller and 45 RON (0.045%) from the buyer.

CNVM (National Securities Commission) also gets 80 RON fee for each 100,000 RON traded on the Bourse (0.08%) from stock buyers. Thus, from the 500m RON transactions with FP shares, CNVM cashed in around 400,000 RON (94,000 euros).

Source of the news: Ziarul Financiar

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