September 19, 2018

Romanian Diplomat Of The Year Award

At the Persons of the Year 2010 Awards gala held in Bucharest, Ambassador of Turkey to Romania, Ayse Sinirlioglu was awarded Romanian Diplomat of the Year title. The event was organized by the Nine o’clock daily and is at its 20th edition, the same age as the English-language daily that will celebrate its 20th anniversary at the beginning of October this year.

Ayse Sinirlioglu declared that “it is always a great challenge for an Ambassador to be appointed to a country with which their native country already has excellent relations and cooperates in a wide range of issues This was the test I knew I would be facing when I assumed my responsibilities as the Ambassador of Turkey to Romania in April 2008”.

She explained that being for a successful diplomat is very important to understand the culture and to connect with the people where they are living. Romania and Turkey are linked by strong bonds of friendship, shared history and common values and the relations between the two countries are covering a wide range of topics in politics, economy and trade.

Source of the news: Agerpres

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