September 19, 2018

Former Swiss banker gave up WikiLeaks data on almost 2.000 secret accounts

On Monday (January 17, 2011), a former Swiss banker gave Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, two CDs which contain data on over 2.000 firms and business people, which are trying to avoid paying their taxes, according to AFP. Julian Assange promised all data will be presented, but it will take a few weeks until they will be published on the WikiLeaks web-site.Rudolf Elmer, the man who worked for eight years in the Cayman Islands – well known fiscal paradise, said that in the data on the CDs there are information about 40 politicians, billionaires, multinationals and financial institutions in the United States, Europe and Asia, without divulging any names.According to him, the data is from at least three financial institutions, covering the 1990-2009 period. Elmer showed he wants the world to know the truth about the money hidden in off-shore accounts and about how this system works.“My hope is to inform the society regarding what is happening. I was there and I saw every day as it happened (…) I am against this system. I want the society to know how it works, because this system is bad for the society”, declared the former banker, fired by Julius Baer in 2002.

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