September 24, 2018

Millions Of Euros Invested In The World’s Biggest Laser

In the town of Magurele, Ilfov County, it could start next year the building of the world’s largest laser, ELI – NP (Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics). The value of the project is estimated at 280 m Euro. According to specialists, for each Euro placed in such a project there will be four other returning so if the laser is built in Magurele, the former commune could have investment worth around one billion euro. Until now, some 28 companies have been interested in the giant laser in Magurele, among them IBM and defense system producers, companies providing airways technology and so on. The laser will also be used in the management of nuclear waste. The investment would need to be finished by 2015.

Source of the news: Bucharest Herald () track a cell phone

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